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Possible existing seismic analysis errors of long span...

【发表时间:2015/3/18】 【阅读次数:1492】

Possible existing seismic analysis errors of long span structures and bridges while utilizing multi-point earthquake calculation models

Wei Guo · Zhi-wu Yu · Guo-huan Liu · Zhen Guo

Abstract: A long-span structure is a common type of public building, but its seismic characteristics are distinct from other types of buildings because of its long span. Calculation models considering multi-point excitation are required in the seismic analysis of long-span structures. However, correlative studies have already clearly shown that important but often overlooked errors exist in previously developed multi-point excitation calculation models. The process of establishing displacement and acceleration models for multi-point seismic analysis is reviewed. Error sources and criteria of the two models are explained using rigorous theoretical derivation. Error characteristics and distributions in multiple structural types, such as ordinary structures without dampers and damper-installed structures with concentrated damping, are also described. Modifications for multi-point excitation displacement and acceleration models, for time history and stochastic analysis, respectively, are proposed, and these modified models are used to assess errors in the conventional models. Numerical examples are solved using conventional displacement and acceleration models and two corresponding modified models. The properties, components and distribution of errors in the conventional models are demonstrated. The findings presented in this paper can provide a sound basis for the practical application of multi-point excitation calculation models in seismic analysis.

Keywords Long-span structure · Seismic analysis · Multi-point excitation ·Calculation model · Damping problem

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