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Fast stochastic analysis for non-proportionally damped system

【发表时间:2015/3/18】 【阅读次数:1374】

Fast stochastic analysis for non-proportionally damped system

Wei Guo, Zhi-Wu Yu, Zhen Guo

Abstract:Fundamental principles from structural dynamics, pseudo excitation method and pseudo force method are used to develop a new fast stochastic method for seismic response analysis of non-proportionally damped system. In the method, the mathematical equation of non-proportionally damped system is expressed in the iterative form, based on which the inverse operation of the matrices is avoided. Moreover, the new method does not need the solution of any complex eigenvalue problem, in contrast to other methods found in the literature.

Keywords:Non-proportionally damped system, Stochastic analysis, Pseudo excitation method, Pseudo force method

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