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Efficient and Accurate Method for Calculating the Stochastic ....

【发表时间:2015/3/16】 【阅读次数:1392】

Efficient and Accurate Method for Calculating the Stochastic Seismic Response of a Non-proportionally Damped Structure

Wei Guo, Aff.M.ASCE1; Zhi-wu Yu2; and Zhen Guo3 

Abstract:In the case of non-proportionally damped structures, the forced decoupling method is often adopted in approximate analysis. However,it generally cannot satisfy the precision requirements for practical engineering. Taking this into account, methods to calculate the stochastic seismic response of non-proportionally damped structures are systematically studied in this paper. Based on the pseudo-excitation method, an efficient and accurate iteration method with the advantages of high computational efficiency and iteration convergence is also proposed. This new method is preferred for practical engineering because of real expressions. Finally, a numerical example is carried out to verify the properties and advantages of the proposed method.

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